Ramson Manchego Béchamel Noodles

I’ll be the first to point out that this is not the healthiest dish. It is chock full of butterfat, cheese and refined carbohydrates. It sure did taste good though!

I sautéed ramsons (leaves, stems and bulbs) in butter, mixed in all purpose flour and continued cooking and stirring for a couple minutes until well heated.


ramson bechamel noodles

I then mixed in buttermilk, half and half and shredded Manchego cheese.

To the thickened sauce I added freshly ground nutmeg, black pepper and salt.

ramson bechamel noodles

I folded the Ramson / Manchego / Béchamel sauce in with the noodles.

Yeah, I know. I over cooked the noodles. This is just one instance where my tastes and opinions go against conventional wisdom. I am not a big pasta eater, and when I do eat pasta I like it cooked and not briefly dipped in hot water. Al dente is just not my thing; the rules be damned. These noodles, however, did cook longer than I intended.

As mentioned at the beginning, this isn’t one of the more healthful dishes I generally endeavor to create. I do try to keep this kind of decadent indulgence to a minimum. I’m thinking maybe salad for breakfast…?

ramson bechamel noodles









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