Garden Salad With Buttermilk / Gorgonzola / Lemon Balm Dressing

Anytime I decide to eat salad for breakfast you can be sure that Faye will choose to opt out and eat something else. The very thought of a cold salad for breakfast makes her shudder.

Many of the ingredients in my salad were picked fresh early this morning from the garden: romaine lettuce, cress, arugula, spinach, lemon balm, radishes and chives blossoms.

garden salad

Other ingredients in the salad were red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, red onion and black lentil sprouts.

I made a dressing using homemade cultured buttermilk, gorgonzola cheese, fresh lemon balm (melissa), apple cider vinegar, Italian dressing seasoning and xanthan gum to thicken.

garden salad

While I was enjoying my salad, Faye was having cold cereal with banana. I suggested she might want to include some of the freeze dried strawberries we purchased this week from the Carolina Readiness store in Waynesville, NC. Are they ever good!!! I am visualizing my next granola recipe…







3 thoughts on “Garden Salad With Buttermilk / Gorgonzola / Lemon Balm Dressing

  1. I think I’m with Faye where breakfast salad is concerned, but this would make a lovely lunch! I love a little lemon balm in salads but haven’t eaten it for years now that we are living in an apartment. One day I’ll have a garden again.

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