Caramelized Plantain & Mangoes On Corn Cakes

The box of Champagne Mangos is almost used up and the ones remaining are ripe and in the refrigerator. This morning for breakfast I caramelized a couple of them with a plantain for a topping on corn pancakes.

I started with a perfectly ripe plantain which I proceeded to caramelize in butter. Hey! Stop with the judgmentalism! I don’t do this every day! What doesn’t taste good caramelized in butter? I would like to try this again using virgin coconut oil for the wonderful coconut flavor which would go so well with plantain and mango.

I left the plantains undisturbed at medium low heat for a number of minutes until well caramelized on one side. After flipping them over I added the mangoes.

While the mangoes were caramelizing I made the corn cakes using whole grain yellow cornmeal, baking powder, salt, egg and thick home-cultured 2% buttermilk.

As an afterthought, at the last minute I added orange marmalade to the plantain and mangoes to give them a little bit of a sauce consistency. The dish was plenty sweet with the only added sugar being what was in the marmalade.

plantain & mangoes




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