Salad With Roasted Paneer & Halloumi

Yesterday I made paneer using ume plum vinegar and brown rice vinegar to curdle the milk and for the flavor imparted to the cheese. I wanted to use the paneer in a way which would not mask the subtle flavors. I decided on roasting the cheese and including it in a salad.

I could have used the oven to do the roasting but the novelty of my newly acquired appliance has not yet worn off, so I used the Cuisinart® Oven Central®. Besides, I was anxious to try out the skewer feature. The appliance didn’t come with skewers but it has the grooves to accommodate them.

I threaded paneer, jalapeño, radish and halloumi onto the skewers and roasted them at 400ºF for 25 minutes, turning the skewers a quarter turn every 5 minutes.


The paneer roasted perfectly. I was a bit surprised that the halloumi cheese melted as it did. No harm done, because it tasted great anyway.


For the salad I used pitted and quartered fresh cherries, fresh spinach, sliced red onion and CaraCara oranges.



I topped the salad with the roasteded veggies and cheeses. We used ume plum vinegar to dress the salad.




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