Caramelized Mango In Puff Pastry

Haitiano mangos are now in stock at one of my go-to grocery stores for more exotic items. These mangos from Haiti have good flavor and are only slightly stringy. They make a great dessert mango.

mango pastry

I decided to splurge and make a more indulgent dish than my usual. I sprinkled the flat side of the mango pieces with Demerara sugar, black salt and red chili powder (deggi mirch). [Next time I will increase the amount of black salt a little and the amount of powdered red chilis by a lot].

mango pastry

I placed the mango pieces, seasoned side down, in a hot skillet greased with virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil retains the coconut flavor whereas refined does not, however refined coconut oil has a higher smoke point. I was going for the flavor.

mango pastry

After about 5 minutes I added coconut flavored rum and bourbon into the skillet. I allowed the mangoes to cook until the liquid (and, of course, the alcohol) was gone. When most of the liquid had boiled off I flipped the mango pieces over.

mango pastry

Using two puff pastry sheets I placed the caramelized mangoes in the center of each sheet and folded the corners to the center.

After brushing the tops of the pastries with egg wash (I used powdered egg), I baked them at 400ºF for about 33 minutes.

mango pastry

mango pastry

I already feel a craving for spinach coming on…





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