Eggs With Spinach & Avocado

I have often used avocado in connection with egg dishes, usually adding it toward the end of preparation as a filling in an omelet, as a topping or on the side. There is really no reason avocado can’t be added at any time in the cooking process. A firm ripe avocado won’t lose its flavor nor will it completely melt away and disintegrate when heated unless traumatized by over stirring. In today’s dish, spinach was one of the main ingredients so the slight greenish tinge avocado can render to eggs was insignificant.

Onion, red jalapeño and green jalapeño were sautéed with a little olive oil.

Chopped spinach  and cilantro were mixed into beaten eggs seasoned with cumin and salt. One of the four eggs I had in the house was bad so I made up the difference with reconstituted powdered eggs. Using powdered eggs results in a less fluffy end product but gets you by in a pinch.


After adding the egg and spinach mixture to a heated skillet I mixed in the cubed avocado.

My most recent batch of probiotic salsa was a perfect accompaniment to these eggs. The salsa was made with red jalapeños, green jalapeños, tomato, spring onion, garlic, salt and yogurt whey. It was left to ferment at room temperature for a day and a half. The salsa has just the right amount of heat and a bit of sweetness from the ripe jalapeños.



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