A Bits & Pieces Kind Of Meal

As much as my life centers around food I am not a big eater. It doesn’t take much food to fill me up and two meals a day are enough to satisfy my needs. When eating out at a restaurant I frequently take some of my food home to eat at another meal. If it’s a Mexican restaurant and rice is served with the meal I will leave the rice aside to take home and eat the rest of my food. Rice is a leftover which retains it’s visual appeal and is easy to incorporate into a dish or use to complement a meal.

The dish I threw together today was made up of little bits of ingredients left unused in the preparation of other dishes. Things like oyster mushrooms which remained after an enchilada dish Faye made, part of a can of garbanzo beans, a quarter of a head of cauliflower and take home rice from a Mexican restaurant. It wasn’t the type of dish one would deliberately set about creating or would likely be written down as a recipe to be repeated, but rather a pleasant enough way to use up unused portions of ingredients lurking in the refrigerator.

I chopped the oyster mushrooms and sautéed them with red and green jalapeños and onions.

I added the cauliflower broken into tiny florets and let them cook for awhile under a lid.


Then I added the chickpeas and rice and continued cooking until everything was well heated.

To season I added parsley, basil, kosher salt and chicken style seasoning.

I enjoyed my thrown together rice dish with probiotic salsa, breadsticks and a glass of cold, home-cultured buttermilk.






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