Baked Riced Potatoes With Eggs

Yes, here I am again at play in the kitchen. You have probably noticed that my new favorite toy is the Cuisinart® Oven Central®. It is a handy piece of equipment and I’m having fun exploring its potential.

There were a few boiled potatoes in the refrigerator left from another recent project. I decided to rice and bake them as a sort of baked hash brown. I oiled the baking tray of the Oven Central and sprinkled the bottom with kosher salt. Using an old potato ricer I bought at an antique store, I riced the potatoes into the baking tray. I dusted the top of the potatoes with onion powder, powdered rosemary, salt and pepper and let it bake with top (and bottom) heat at 375ºF for 20 minutes.

After baking for for 20 minutes I made a couple depressions with the back of a large greased spoon and filled them with eggs. To my disappointment the yokes of both eggs broke.

riced potatoes

Baking continued for another 5 minutes but 4 minutes or even less would have been plenty.

riced potatoes

riced potatoes



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