Scrambled Eggs With Purslane & Radish Seedpods

Purslane is a succulent plant which grows almost the world over and is widely used by humans as food. Unfortunately, in the United States, it is considered a pesky weed; it is unfortunate because it is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables. It boasts more omega 3 fatty acids than any other known plant and more than even some fish oils. For that reason alone it deserves a place of honor at the dining table. Purslane has a pleasant lemony flavor which makes it a great addition to salads, stir-fries, smoothies and green drinks. The entire plant, including leaves, stems and the hundreds of tiny black crunchy seeds can be used.



Another under utilized vegetable is the seedpods of mature radish plants. Eaten raw, they have the slightly sweet spiciness of a mild radish.

radish pods

I included both purslane and radish seedpods in the scrambled eggs I prepared this morning. They were sautéed briefly with a little olive oil and transferred to a bowl of lightly beaten eggs. I mixed them together with a little salt and poured the mixture into a heated skillet.

purslane & radish pods

purslane & radish podspurslane eggs

purslane eggs

I don’t frequently indulge in smoothies or green drinks so to verify to myself my earlier declaration that purslane makes a great addition to green drinks I blended a drink using grapefruit juice, purslane, powdered stinging nettle and powdered kale. I must say, it was refreshing and delicious!

green drink


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