Baked Buttercup Squash With Swiss Chard & Mushrooms

Not long ago it was rare to see Swiss chard in the grocery stores, and if I wanted some I had to grow it myself. I’m glad that nowadays it is commonly available throughout the summer. I ran across a beautiful bunch of red chard yesterday and couldn’t resist buying it even though I have a few plants growing in the garden. I thought it would go well with mushrooms and the leftover top section of buttercup squash.

The Swiss chard was cooked with a little salted water in a lidded pot, and the buttercup squash was baked in the Cuisinart®  Oven Central® at 400ºF. To hasten the cooking of the squash I occasionally added a little water into the baking tray.

The mushrooms were cooked in a dry skillet until they stopped sweating and the moisture had cooked away.

buttercup squash

buttercup squash

I moved the mushrooms to one side and sautéed roughly chopped onion and garlic with a little olive oil.

buttercup squash

I then added the roughly chopped cooked Swiss chard to the mushrooms.

buttercup squash

When the buttercup squash was done I dished the chard and mushrooms into the cavity and it was ready to serve.

buttercup squash

While preparing the squash, chard and mushrooms, I double tasked and baked a batch of whole wheat buns.



The buns were done by the time the rest of the food was ready.

buttercup squashbuttercup squashbuttercup squash


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