Canning Day & Broken Ceramic-Top Stoves

There was a time I really liked my ceramic top stove. Easy cleanup is indeed a huge advantage, but I’m beginning to wonder if that one good feature is enough to make it worthwhile. Last October I had to replace the glass top because the original one had cracked. It was not a cheap fix even though I did the work myself.

I assume that the heavy weight of water-bath canning is what caused the stovetop to crack in the first place and have been super careful ever since making the repair. Since then all canning has taken place outside on the camp stove. Well, despite my diligent care, I noticed yesterday that the stovetop has cracked again. I am not prepared to make a replacement right now so will have to continue using the stove, being extra careful not to spill any liquids. I will also resort to using the Cuisinart Oven Central even more than I already do.

cracked stovetop

It just so happens that today was canning day, and of course the water-bath portion of the procedure was done outside on the camp stove (as it would have been even if the stovetop hadn’t fractured).


We ended up with nine quarts out of half a bushel of peaches.




9 thoughts on “Canning Day & Broken Ceramic-Top Stoves

  1. Oh no! Replacing a stove is a pain amd an expense. We had our last one replaced because 2 of the rings kept fusing and discovered after the workman had left that the new one had a piece chipped out of the enamel! This was the second replacement as the first he’d brought also fused. I am experiencing serious peach envy right now!

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  2. Considering how much a cooker is in the first place I have always been surprised by how much they charge for certain bits. However when it comes to stove tops as a family we’re really happy with out induction top and as for canning It’s an interesting idea but it’s something I’ve really seen in the UK

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    1. I really like our induction stove too, all except for having to replace the top so often. This time when I replace it I will look for a local source for the part instead of ordering through the mail. Should save a bit.


  3. I’ve gone through three ceramic stove tops but mine I’ve actually burned out. Hubby blames the canning, but I think all the cooking (3 meals a day most days) has lots to do with it too. My current one is struggling with maintaining heat, but I have electric burners I use for pressure canning that fill in the gaps. Good luck.

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    1. Heavy weight and high heat seem to take their toll on ceramic stovetops. On the first one I noticed some warpage over the burner I used for canning. A few days later the cracks appeared.


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