Savory Swiss Chard & Mushroom Tarts With Potato Crust

I’m not sure how the frozen hash brown potatoes found their way into my freezer, but I was determined to put them to good use. I was surprised to see there were only two ingredients besides potatoes, relatively few for a processed food.

I tossed the frozen shredded potatoes with a salted beaten egg and arranged them in the bottom and sides of muffin molds which were greased with nonstick spray.

savory tarts

For the filling I sautéed onion, red cherry peppers, mushrooms and chopped previously cooked Swiss chard and salt.

savory tarts

I topped the savory tarts with chopped Ranch seasoned cheddar cheese curds.

savory tarts

savory tarts

The tarts were baked at 350ºF for 35 minutes.

savory tarts

I used the Oven Central® which tends to steam food as it is baking, so the potato crust wasn’t as crisp as it would have been had I used a conventional oven.

savory tarts


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