Fading D Farm Water Buffalo Gourmet Cheeses


It was another fun day for us driving through the countryside enjoying the scenery. This time we had a destination, the Fading D Farm, about an hour and a half drive from home. They raise water buffalo and make various gourmet cheeses from the milk. They hope to offer tours of their farm in the near future, but for the time being only their farm store is open to the public from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

We timed our excursion so we could eat at a highly spoken of Mexican restaurant in Salisbury and arrive at the farm store when it opened at 3:00pm. El Patron ticked off all the right boxes: salsa was excellent, margaritas were excellent, food was excellent as was the service.

At the Fading D Farm Store Faythe DiLoreto let us sample all of their cheeses, and we selected our favorites to purchase and take home. Mozzarella must be ordered a day or two in advance, so that was not available to us today.

fading d farm

fading d farm

Water buffalo milk has high butterfat and makes excellent cheese (and the smoothest ice cream). We were impressed with the flavors.

fading d farm

We could look through a window in the store into a barn stall and see alpacas feeding.

fading d farm

My most vivid memory of water buffalo was when I was a kid in India and my dad, mom and I were out for a drive on the Lambretta scooter. My dad was driving and my mom was on the passenger seat behind him, which left me sitting on and hanging on to the spare tire which was situated at a 20º angle on the rear fender.


Our excursion took as through a small village where resided a water buffalo which found the sound of the scooter’s engine extremely irritating to its ears. The buffalo gave chase…

Now, the scooter’s top speed was 40 mph with only the operator on board. It was slowed down considerably with my mom (before the days of Weight Watchers) and little me in the very back.

Needless to say, I was terrified. Fortunately, we had the element of surprise to our advantage and we escaped unscathed. On our return home, however, the buffalo heard us coming and was already at a dead run when we came by. I’m pretty sure the residents of the village were standing by the side of the road laughing, but I couldn’t say for sure because I was occupied clinging for dear life to the spare tire and looking over my shoulder in terror into the flaring nostrils of the irate beast as it gained on us. Fortunately the buffalo ran out of wind and gave up the chase, allowing me to live another day.

The route on our way home today took us close by the Salisbury National Cemetery where I had done some work on a couple of occasions, so we swung by to pay our respects. The brick structure on top of the hill is a mausoleum I had a part in building. The storm that was brewing to the north we left far behind since we were traveling south. It was a very enjoyable day.



5 thoughts on “Fading D Farm Water Buffalo Gourmet Cheeses

  1. That is such a great story and yes in the potential battle of buffalo v Lambretta, the outcome is not at all a certainty! Your blog looks really interesting and so I’ve subscribed. All the best from Normandie, Sue

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