Pesto Hash Brown Potatoes

Sometimes I am surprised when an off-the-wall experiment turns out to be not only edible but in fact quite good. The other day I discovered in my freezer a package of frozen hash brown potatoes. It is a mystery how it got there because it is not an item I would normally buy. The package label indicates the contents simply consist of frozen cut up potatoes, so I guess that puts the product in the convenience food category and not necessarily junk food. I used some of the frozen hash browns in this morning’s breakfast.

Recently I have put together a few different pestos: a mint/walnut pesto, a sesame/Mediterranean herb pesto and a pistachio/basil/parsley pesto. If pesto isn’t used within a day or so I portion it into ice cube trays and freeze it to be used another day. For this reason I never add cheese to pesto unless it is going to be used right away in its entirety. It is said that cheese does not freeze well.

The pistachio pesto was due to be frozen so I used some of it to flavor the hash browns. I worked the pesto into the frozen potatoes with my fingers, coating them evenly. The hash browns were then baked in the Oven Central® at 400ºF until they crisped on the bottom (about 45 minutes).pesto hash browns

I then cracked eggs on top of the potatoes, reduced the heat to 300ºF and re-closed the lid until the eggs set up.

I was thinking I might need to prepare an alternative for breakfast, but no. This was actually very good!

pesto hash browns


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