Green Upma

We were planning to go see an early afternoon movie so decided the best way to schedule our meals was to eat a hearty late morning brunch and then eat out on the way home later in the afternoon. That meant there was plenty of time to make upma, this time with spinach.

I sautéed chopped onion then stirred in chopped spinach. There was not as much spinach as I thought so I included powdered stinging nettle for added green color and nutrition. When the spinach was wilted I blended the onions and spinach with a hand blender. I was using a small can of peas & carrots in the dish so I used the liquid to aid in blending.


With a little olive oil in the skillet I stir-fried mustard seeds, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon, coriander seeds, curry leaves and cashews.




Then I mixed in semolina and roasted it for a couple of minutes before adding the blended spinach mixture with additional water, the canned peas & carrots and salt.





With a lid on the skillet I let it simmer until all the liquid had absorbed. Then I continued cooking without the lid, stirring occasionally, until the upma dried up to a clumpy consistency.

We enjoyed the upma with nonfat yogurt and probiotic cultured salsa.



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