Rhubarb/Banana Muffins & Rhubarb Sorbet

Last week I cooked up some rhubarb and made a sauce to which I had added a little sugar to take the edge off the tartness. I used a little of that sauce last week to make gelled agar agar shots. Today I used the rest of the rhubarb sauce to make muffins and sorbet. First, the muffins:

To hasten the thawing of a few frozen bananas I heated a bowl rhubarb sauce in the microwave oven. After a few minutes in the heated sauce the bananas were ready to be puréed.


To the rhubarb and banana sauce I added:

  • walnut pieces
  • olive oil
  • egg
  • baking powder
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • almond flour
  • whole wheat flour
  • all purpose flour

The muffins were baked at 375ºF until they started to brown on top.



For the sorbet I added honey to the rhubarb sauce for additional sweetening and a little xanthan gum for a smooth texture.


This went into the freezer and was stirred every hour or so until fully frozen. When it became difficult to stir I used the “milkshake liquid blender rod” attachment on the hand mixer to froth it up for the final freeze.


The sorbet is pleasantly tart and refreshing.









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