Fig Thingies

This is not the sort of thing I usually make. Every once in awhile I get a wild notion to attempt something in an area I have no business delving into. I generally leave the dessert making to Faye. Unlike me, she has the patience to actually follow a recipe and produce delectable treats. I … More Fig Thingies

Hatch Chiles

Look what I found! Hatch Chiles are ubiquitous out West but this is the first I’ve run across them in this part of the country. I’m open to suggestions…  

Veggie Enchiladas

Lunch today was vegetable enchiladas. The filling was stir-fried onions, jalapeños, zucchini, mushrooms and spinach. The enchilada sauce consisted of roasted tomatillo sauce, powdered molé and broth made with homemade “chicken” seasoning and water.  

Tarragon Honey Mustard Dressing

It was an ordinary salad: iceberg lettuce butter lettuce radicchio cilantro jalapeño mushrooms red onions grape tomatoes garbanzos The dressing wasn’t so ordinary: spring onions (white parts) fresh French tarragon garlic clove apple cider vinegar honey yellow mustard olive oil salt xanthan gum If you like fennel salad you would probably like this dressing.  

El Michoacan, a melding of Mexican restaurant and classic American diner

It was a simple breakfast before we headed out for a drive through the North and South Carolina countryside. We ended up in Gaffney, SC at El Michoacan Mexican Restaurant. The building looks like a classic old American diner. It was the tail end of the lunch hour and it was very busy yet the … More El Michoacan, a melding of Mexican restaurant and classic American diner