Caramelized Figs & Pearl Onions

Since the beginning of July I’ve been frequenting produce stands and farmers markets in search of fresh figs. Finally found some yesterday at the Monroe Farmers Market. Even though I brought them home in an insulated bag with ice and refrigerated them promptly they needed to be eaten right away. Figs were on the menu twice today.

farmers farket.jpg

I caramelized the halved figs with a little coconut oil and we enjoyed them on toast with key lime ricotta cheese for a simple breakfast.



For our next meal I started by caramelizing pearl onions in butter, then added the figs when the onions were ready to turn. I sprinkled a little kosher salt and added a splash of mirin.

caramized figs and onions

The caramelized figs and onions were served over reheated veggie burger patties which I had previously made and frozen.

caramized figs and onions


3 thoughts on “Caramelized Figs & Pearl Onions

    1. I planted a fig tree many years ago but it never bore fruit. It would die back to the ground every winter but come back up in the spring. This is the first year it didn’t come up at all. It must have been the wrong variety for this area. Other people around here grow abundant crops of figs.

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