Chilled Coconut/Corn Soup

This was a refreshing soup for a hot muggy day. I started it last night by roasting an ear of corn in the Oven Central. It wasn’t the best way of going about it and it didn’t get quite the char I was hoping for, but I wasn’t about to fire up the charcoal grill for just one ear of corn. I rubbed the corn with a light coating of coconut oil, and when the corn was almost done I drizzled lime juice and sprinkled kosher salt.

corn soup

First thing this morning I sautéed finely chopped onion and minced mild jalapeño in the bottom of a sauce pan. To that I added chopped yellow crookneck squash, the roasted corn cob kernels and a little ginger paste. Then I added turmeric, salt and coconut milk. While the soup was simmering I slipped in a couple slices of lemon.

corn soup

When everything was well heated I removed the lemon slices, turned off the stove and mixed in chopped fresh basil. After the soup had cooled down a bit I put it in the refrigerator to chill.

We enjoyed this cold soup with a garnish of shredded cucumber and a jalapeño/corn muffin.

corn soup


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