A Congregation Of Butterflies

With me being retired and Faye only working part time from home, we take every opportunity to get out of the house. After living in this part of the country for 30 years we are finally taking the time to explore near and far. We especially enjoy being in natural surroundings for the peaceful solitude, beauty and opportunity for exercise. Today we were at the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge, a place we visit frequently because it is close to home and we usually have the place all to ourselves.

Pee Dee NWR

Pee Dee NWR

We came across some butterflies congregating at a damp spot on the ground. The official terms for a group of butterflies are: a flight, a flutter, a swarm or a rabble. However, a congregation or a gathering sounds more harmonious to my ear.

The word cluster (of butterflies) also came to mind but it seemed to be more of a survival situation than a social gathering. This would be more representative of a cluster:



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