Cauliflower Cashew Sauce

One (a normal person) may not think of this as a breakfast dish, but it is what I fixed for our breakfast this morning. It truly was tasty and would be great at any meal. Faye asked what went into the sauce and was unable to guess any of the ingredients.

I try to have breakfast ready by 6:00 AM, so to speed up cooking the potatoes I made slices in them most of the way through top and bottom in opposite directions. I brushed them lightly with olive just on the outer surfaces without drenching them or attempting to get oil into the cuts. I salted, peppered and roasted them in the Cuisinart® Oven Central® at 400ºF, turning them over once.

cauliflower sauce

cauliflower sauce

For the sauce I steamed cauliflower, chunks of sweet onion and garlic until tender. Then I blended them with a small amount of cooked greens, roasted jalapeño, raw cashews, nutritional yeast flakes and salt. I added boiling water as needed while blending to loosen the consistency.

I cooked some of the smaller leaves along with the cauliflower. The greens I used were a small dab of longevity spinach but any leftover cooked greens would have worked. There just happened to be a roasted jalapeño left from yesterday. The cashew pieces were soaking in water while the cauliflower and potatoes were cooking.

There are many foods this sauce would go well with. I’m glad there was some left over. Next time, when I warm it up, I may add a pinch of nutmeg.

cauliflower sauce


5 thoughts on “Cauliflower Cashew Sauce

  1. The “minicuts” into foods work miracles. It really helps to get the heat into the heart of a dense food, thus reducing cooking time, and by association, not drying out the food unnecessarily. Those spuds look great! Love the color!!

    Virtual hugs,


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