Poblano Chili Pepper & Corn Cold Soup

A couple years ago a physician in the group Faye works for invited us to pick as much Silver Queen corn as we wished at his farm not far from our house. I love Silver Queen corn. It is so sweet and tender in its prime. I normally choose yellow corn over pale varieties because of the beta carotin content, but I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.


We picked as much as we thought would fit in our freezers. It was a lot of corn. I know, because Faye was leaving the next day for a week’s vacation with her sisters in Arizona and it fell to me to process and freeze all of it. It turns out that the corn was past its prime, and although the flavor was excellent the pericarp, or outer layer, of the kernels was very tough and impossible to masticate thoroughly. It seems that the best way to make use of it is in a creamed form by running it through a sieve after cooking to strain out the tough seed coatings. Needless to say, those many packets of corn taking up precious space in the freezer have been under utilized.

Last night I got out a packet of the frozen corn and put it on the stove to simmer. While the corn was cooking I used a torch to char a few poblano peppers.

poblano corn soup

poblano corn soup

poblano corn soup

Immediately after charring I dropped the peppers into a bag to sweat, thereby loosening the skin which rinsed off easily under running water.

poblano corn soup

poblano corn soup

I roughly chopped the deseeded peppers and added them to the pot of corn to simmer until soft.

poblano corn soup

I seasoned the peppers and corn with onion powder, garlic powder and salt. Then I used a stick blender to blend everything until smooth,  adding a can of coconut milk while blending.

poblano corn soup

Then it was time to strain out the corn kernels’ tough seed coatings.

poblano corn soup

The result was a delicious warm soup which would also be tasty served cold, so into the refrigerator it went to be served the next day.poblano corn soup

I’m certain there are some leftover breadsticks in the freezer but I couldn’t find them, probably because they are hiding behind all the packets of frozen corn. So, this morning I made whole wheat breadsticks to go with the cold soup, some of them seasoned with garlic and the rest with powdered ramson leaves.


I thinned the soup with a little cold water and dusted the top with nutmeg and a pinch of red chili powder.

poblano corn soup


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