8 thoughts on “When I Do Have Eggs For Breakfast (it might be like this)

  1. You’ve been peeking in my kitchen! Isn’t that the most scrumptious way to start the day – or for a lunch? I usually add cheese, and probably some red salsa, but skip the jalapeños! The Hatch chiles are in now, so I can get them pre-roasted from the local supermarket. Sometimes (like yesterday) they are a lot hotter than expected. They seem to vary from pepper to pepper.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. Yes, it’s a great way to start the day. I love it with cheese too but try not to indulge too much or as often as I used to. (I start to panic when my weight gets above a certain number).
      The jalapeños are of a mild variety called “coolapeños.” I don’t see Hatch chiles in this part of the country, at least they aren’t labeled that way.

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  2. Hatch is a city in New Mexico not far from Las Cruces on Highway 25. That is the chile pepper capitol of the United States, and this is just the start of the season. There is a shortcut we take when going that way that bypasses Las Cruces, but brings us out right in Hatch. Everyone just parks on the side of the road to go into the many shops to stock up on “the real thing”.



    After the season is over, the freezer cases at the supermarkets are packed with frozen ones that somehow did not get eaten as they came out of the roasters that are ubiquitous everywhere all over New Mexico during this season. Every shopping center parking lot has a big roaster with bags of the freshies for sale right there.

    Interesting about “coolapeños”. I haven’t seen them, but will certainly keep my eyes open for them. I love peppers, but the heat intensity is much too high with most of them, even the Hatch, which also seem to come in different levels. But if the farmer does not designate which is which, I am left to experiment – *eyes watering*.

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