El Michoacan, a melding of Mexican restaurant and classic American diner

It was a simple breakfast before we headed out for a drive through the North and South Carolina countryside.

We ended up in Gaffney, SC at El Michoacan Mexican Restaurant. The building looks like a classic old American diner.

8-26 (2)

8-26 (3)

It was the tail end of the lunch hour and it was very busy yet the staff was very efficient and the service was outstanding and friendly. The food was excellent and the prices were more than reasonable. Located as they were right next to an outlet mall they could have charged a lot more for much worse food and still done a good business.

Unlike the food, the service and the atmosphere, my photos leave a lot to be desired.

8-26 (4)

8-26 (5)

8-26 (6)

8-26 (7)

It was a good thing the outlet mall was there so we could walk off our overindulgent breakfast and lunch.

8-26 (8)


9 thoughts on “El Michoacan, a melding of Mexican restaurant and classic American diner

  1. Ok, today’s 64,000 dollar question on behalf of all those like me who keep seeing it on social media but haven’t a clue what it is and daren’t even google it for fear it will appear on their search history and embarrass them: what’s chipotle? ­čĄö

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      1. Well, I guessed that! But linguistically it doesn’t seem Spanish. BTW I just updated my post about the shower, something mildly amusing and coincidental happened just after I published it – thanks for reading Ôś║´ŞĆ

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