7 thoughts on “Hatch Chiles

  1. Out here, many places roast them for you and have them in bags for sale. They are in abundance and very inexpensive at this time of year. So naturally I bought a whole bunch of them to roast myself . . . ONCE! ACK! That was an awful task. Not difficult, mind you, just tear making. I did them in my cast iron skillet, but the fumes pervaded all corners of the house, seemingly for DAYS! The skillet was crying out for mercy early on in the process!

    A few YEARS later . . . We decided we’d like to have them home roasted, but this time, I set up our outdoor BBQ gizmo (which we had not used before [nor since]) and I gave DH a pair of long-handled tongs and a bag of peppers. He was soon requesting a box of Kleenex. He got about halfway through the bag of peppers before throwing in the towel – almost literally.

    Perhaps with the proper equipment, this can be done at home, but since there is an abundance of them to be had already roasted at this time of year, and available in the freezer case the rest of the year, it really is not worth the effort to DIY. For only two people with smallish appetites, it takes forever to get through half a dozen or so peppers, as we eat them in tiny quantities due to the hotness.

    But yours look delightful. Will be interested to hear your take on roasting them.

    Virtual hugs,


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