A Harebrained Experiment & A Fairly Normal Breakfast

You will likely think I’ve really gone off the deep end this time. I found this Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on the reduced price/discontinued items rack at the grocery store and thought it looked interesting. I like the combination of sweet and heat, so I bought it.


Then this morning I got the harebrained idea to baste a cauliflower with it before roasting. The sauce had a tendency to slide off and not stick to the cauliflower as well as I had hoped so I had to re-baste a time or two.


Surprisingly the end result wasn’t half bad as far as the combination of flavors. The many raspberry seeds were a bit annoying. They could have been strained out easily enough had I thought of it. If I was to play with this idea again I would consider trying something similar with pomegranate molasses. It would probably adhere to the cauliflower better.


Besides the little cauliflower experiment we had a fairly normal breakfast: a plain omelet with Hatch pepper sauce, the same sauce I used with the enchiladas yesterday.

omelet with Hatch sauce


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