A Vegetarian At A BBQ joint

So, what is a vegetarian doing at a barbecue joint? Well, I am the only full time vegetarian here. Other than the occasional meat dish Faye prepares for herself she eats vegetarian at home along with me, but when we eat out she usually indulges her carnivorous tastes.

There is a barbecue joint along one of our regular driving routes Faye has long wanted to try. Today we finally did. They serve a buffet so I figured I wouldn’t go hungry even if I had to resort to just gnawing on dinner rolls.





I managed to fill my plate with rice, mashed potatoes, corn bread, chunks of rutabaga (otherwise known as turnips or Swede) and pickled cauliflower, cucumber and pearl onions. I survived.

The dining area looks out onto a series of decks overlooking a pond.


I assume Faye is texting photos and relating her dining experience to her family in Canada.



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