Canning In The Rain

Yesterday was intended to be canning day but it took all the time I wanted to spend on it just halving and deseeding the jalapeños. Having gone through two cracked ceramic stovetops I have learned not subject the present stovetop to the weight of a canning operation. Instead, I set up the three burner Coleman® camp stove outside on top of the charcoal grill even though it was a rainy, drizzly day. It’s not the most convenient setup shuttling between kitchen and outdoors, but it gets the job done without incurring the expense of replacing another ceramic stovetop.


I managed to keep the mild variety of jalapeños separate from the hot ones but lost track of which jars contain which. Oh well, I like a surprise.





7 thoughts on “Canning In The Rain

    1. Absolutely!

      The biggest downside to not wearing gloves is inadvertently touching your face without first thoroughly washing your hands with soap. Also, dipping your hands in hot dishwater can feel like putting them into a flaming furnace.

      I usually brave not wearing gloves, especially if I’m experiencing arthritic joints. It seems to help with that.

      I was lucky this time that I successfully resisted touching my face!


  1. Came searching for this after your latest huevos rancheros breakfast pizza post. I appreciate you sharing your experience about cracking the ceramic stovetop. I will definitely keep that in mind if i start canning my peppers – I like the use of the outdoor stove.

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