Stuffed Jalapeños

Anyone who has read very many of my posts knows I love jalapeños. I use them a lot. If it occurred to me I might even consider putting them in granola. On second thought… Nah. I am also a lover of cheese, although I consciously try to limit the amount I eat and how often. … More Stuffed Jalapeños

Guacamole Steamed Eggs

I have prepared eggs many different ways, but was only just recently introduced to steamed eggs. The eggs are blended with twice the volume of liquid, strained and cooked in a steamer. The result is a very light silky smooth custard. Learning of this technique opened up a whole new culinary playground for me. The … More Guacamole Steamed Eggs

Taco Salad For One

If you have read my post for yesterday you know that I am on my own here for about a week. Eating by oneself is no reason not to take the time to prepare something special. Today I made a taco salad for myself. It started by making whole wheat tortilla bowls. A couple of … More Taco Salad For One

Potato Breakfast

My wife, Faye, packed her bag and left me today… …(long pause)… …and she’s smiling about it!… It’s not like it sounds. She left for Arizona for a week-long get-together with her sisters. The last time that happened was two years ago just before she started chemo. Last night she requested “something with potatoes” for … More Potato Breakfast

Pumpkin With Wild Hickory Nut Glaze, Okara Potato Patties & Sweet Potato Greens

I generally like to focus my posts on just one dish or one element of a meal since a reader might find one item of interest and not another. Today I make an exception. I thought the entire meal turned out well. I am not a big fan of pumpkin, and almost never use it … More Pumpkin With Wild Hickory Nut Glaze, Okara Potato Patties & Sweet Potato Greens

Basil Tofu Scramble

I was eager to use some of the basil flavored tofu I made yesterday, so I put together a scramble with tofu, onion, mild jalapeños, mushrooms and tomatoes. First I cooked the mushrooms without oil until they stopped sweating, removed them from the pan and set them aside. I then added canola and olive oil … More Basil Tofu Scramble