Update On Faye’s Amusing Breakfast

Here is an update for anyone curious about the unusual way the eggs turned out in yesterday’s post.

When cooking eggs I always use a lid, even if it’s just a paper plate, whether frying, poaching or making an omelet or frittata. A hinged omelet pan is super convenient for any of those purposes if you don’t mind the end product being semicircular in shape and if you are not embarrassed about taking a shortcut in avoidance of exercising your egg flipping skills.

The eggs I prepared in yesterday’s post were a combination of fried and poached. After spraying the heated pan with nonstick spray I cracked the eggs into one side, added a dribble of water and folded over the other side of the hinged pan to cover and hold in the steam. I was intending for the eggs to cook sufficiently from one side without having to flip the pan over, but the top of the whites were slow in setting so I went ahead and turned the pan over.

Usually, when flipping over the pan, I hear / feel the eggs drop into the other half of the hinged pan, but this time I didn’t sense that the transfer had occurred. I lifted the top handle to peek in and saw that the eggs had indeed stuck to the top half of the pan and the yolks were drooping way down. Rather than shake the pan and make them drop I left the pan on the burner for another minute then considered the eggs done.

I was anticipating a huge mess with the yolks dripped down onto the lower half of the pan and the whites stuck to the other side. The eggs were done perfectly – the yolks were soft but not runny and the whites were tender top and bottom.

So now you know.


10 thoughts on “Update On Faye’s Amusing Breakfast

  1. Aha, makes sense! They totally looked like they’d been hung upside down, but I had no idea how you managed that because I didn’t know there was such a thing as a hinged omelet pan. Now I know! They should make this a new dish. “How would you like your eggs? Scrambled? Sunny side up?” “…Pointy, please.”

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