Chewable Beverage

For my supper I fixed this refreshing beverage which requires a little chewing. It was made up of finely chopped jalapeño, tomato, sweet onion, cilantro and cucumber to which I added chilled V8 Juice into which had been blended a couple pinches of xanthan gum to keep the chopped vegetables suspended in the drink. I suppose it could be called a gazpacho of sorts.

chewable beverage

chewable beverage


7 thoughts on “Chewable Beverage

  1. How much heat did your jalapeños add to the drink? Also, wondering what you think the flavors may be like if it were marinated overnight. Or would that cause the veggie suspension to settle down to the bottom?

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    1. There was absolutely no heat from the jalapeño. That could be because it may have been a “Coolapeño” variety I am growing or because I thoroughly gut all jalapeños of seeds and seed ribs, which most of the time results in a mild pepper. The xanthan gum would probably keep the veggies suspended. If not, a little stir or shake would redistribute them.

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    1. The ingredients were jalapeño, tomato, Vidalia onion, cilantro and cucumber. I didn’t measure any amounts (I almost never do). I blended cold V8 juice with a pinch of xanthan gum before mixing it with the chopped vegetables.


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