Young Green Jackfruit

On a whim Faye and I decided to take an hour and 45 minute drive down to Columbia, South Carolina to check out an Indian grocery store or two. Amongst the many items we purchased was a can of young green jackfruit. The friendly people behind the counter informed us that they also had fresh jackfruit.  I hadn’t seen it because it was tightly wrapped in paper and plastic in the refrigerated section. I have had fresh ripe jackfruit countless times and have been very much wanting to try the young unripe version, so I didn’t hesitate to add that to my purchases.



I asked if they ever had fresh drumsticks for sale. The lady said, yes, they did, but that I missed the season by at least a month. A young man directed me to the frozen drumsticks which the lady said were just as good as fresh. I am really looking forward to having drumstick curry again and working with young green jackfruit for the first time.


On the way home Faye said that although there are Indian stores closer to home she would gladly make the trip again just to go to Spiceland on 127 Dreher Road in Columbia, South Carolina. I agree.


4 thoughts on “Young Green Jackfruit

  1. Ok. I am so glad you found some of your favourite foods, but it would help me to appreciate your joy if I knew what they were. So, I know I have led a sheltered life and I apologise for my shortcomings, but could you possibly please enlighten me once more? 😉😋

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    1. Drumstick is a very long pod which grows on a tree. They are cut in sections and cooked in curries. They are eaten by scraping the inside pith and seeds with the teeth and discarding the outer shell.

      Jackfruit is the largest fruit to grow on trees. They can be the size of a very large watermelon. The edible parts are sweet when ripe. When young and green they are cooked in savory dishes and resemble the texture of meat.

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