Creamed Eggs, Peas & Basil Paneer On Rice

I was anxious to use the basil flavored paneer I made, firstly, to try it out in a dish, and also because the 2% milk I used to make it was near its expiration date. This dish is rather heavy on dairy just because I felt like it.

Started out with butter and virgin coconut oil in a heated pan to which I added all purpose flour to make a roux. To the rue I whisked in 2% milk, basil salt and nutmeg. Then I added cooked frozen peas along with the water they were cooked in followed by cubed basil paneer.

creamed eggs on rice

Then I mixed in grated Asiago cheese – carefully, to avoid breaking up the paneer. Lastly, I added sliced boiled eggs.

creamed eggs on rice

When everything was well heated the creamed eggs, peas and basil paneer were served over freshly cooked rice.

creamed eggs on rice

The flavor of basil really came through in the paneer. I thought perhaps a bit too strongly, but Faye said it was perfect for her and that we should make it again.


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