Going With The Flow

When winging it in the kitchen (which is the way I operate) little surprises have a way of coming up forcing one to make adjustments and go with the flow. The box of mangoes we bought was starting to ripen and I was really looking forward to enjoying big chunks of caramelized mangoes on whole wheat waffles. I didn’t want it to be an overly sweet breakfast so I planned to drizzle a savory sauce of roasted poblano peppers and cilantro over the top.

Well, it became evident the mangoes were of a very stringy variety better suited for a sauce (unless we wanted to be picking fibers out from between our teeth the rest of the morning). I went ahead and caramelized the mangoes in coconut oil, then forced them through a sieve to remove the fibers.

caramelized mango on waffles

caramelized mango on waffles

I remember the last time I caramelized mangoes I wished I had added more black salt and chili powder, so that I did. Well, this time I over did it with the black salt. To remedy that, rather than take the time to caramelize more mangoes, I mixed unsweetened apple sauce in with the mango sauce.

So, it ended being mango/apple sauce on whole wheat waffles topped with poblano/cilantro chutney. There was no sweetener added, and with the red chili powder added to the sauce this was just as much a savory breakfast as it was sweet.

caramelized mango on waffles


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