Basil Tofu Scramble

I was eager to use some of the basil flavored tofu I made yesterday, so I put together a scramble with tofu, onion, mild jalapeños, mushrooms and tomatoes. First I cooked the mushrooms without oil until they stopped sweating, removed them from the pan and set them aside.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble

I then added canola and olive oil into the skillet and sautéed the onion and jalapeños.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble

When the onion and peppers had softened I added the tofu, crumbling some but not all of the pieces.

tofu scramble

When the tofu was well heated I added the mushrooms back into the pan followed by the tomatoes.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble

Not a lot of salt was needed because the tofu had been salted when it was made.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble


9 thoughts on “Basil Tofu Scramble

  1. I was in 2 minds about liking this, I liked the idea of the recipe but I don’t like the canola oil: over 90% of canola oil is genetically modified. It is partially hydrogenated. It was developed originally for industrial use until Monsanto discovered how to genetically modify the rapeseed. It is associated with the same kidney and liver problems as genetically modified corn and soy. It is highly processed. Google it, there are lots of reasons not to use it in your cooking. It is marketed as healthy, but it really isn’t.

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    1. The canola oil I use is certified non-GMO and is expeller expressed. That doesn’t sound highly refined or hydrogenated. I often mix canola oil with olive oil to get a balance of healthy fats.

      I don’t wish to enter into a discussion of GMOs, Monsanto etc. although I do have opinions. I am slow to jump on any demonization train just as I am slow to be swept along with dietary fads.


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