Repotting Curry Leaf Plants

With freezing temperatures fast approaching it will soon be time to bring the curry leaf plants (and others) into the house for the winter. In preparation for that I needed to repot the mother plant into a larger pot and separate the sucker plants which had sprung up from her roots. There is always the risk that some of the plants may not survive the trauma. I use curry leaves a lot, which is why the plants never amount to any size, so I am hoping for the best.

curry leaf plants

curry leaf plants

curry leaf plants


7 thoughts on “Repotting Curry Leaf Plants

  1. I too use lot of curry leaves in my cooking…What I get in market get used up soon…and so I decided to grow the curry leaves plant in my balcony…It has come out well…guess its one of those timid plants that could stand all weather condition?

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  2. Your plants look great! Any care tips? I have had one for more than two years… Hardly grows. I keep it indoors year round, since it wasn’t doing great outdoors. My breakfast area gets plenty of sunlight.

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    1. My curry leaf plants are from a single plant I purchased about 15 years ago. Over the years I would separate the suckers to start new plants.
      at one point I lost the original mother plant after separating suckers and repotting.

      My plants tend to look spindly because I use so many leaves. They start to look like palm trees if the leaves are always taken from the bottom. I recently started cutting the tops of the plants. That makes them branch out and get bushier.

      They are a slow growing plant. They hardly require any care. Just don’t water them too much. They like the soil to dry out between watering.

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