Potato Breakfast

My wife, Faye, packed her bag and left me today…


…(long pause)…

…and she’s smiling about it!…

It’s not like it sounds. She left for Arizona for a week-long get-together with her sisters. The last time that happened was two years ago just before she started chemo.


Last night she requested “something with potatoes” for breakfast. This is what I came up with:

I started by sautéing lightly crushed cumin seeds and coarse sea salt. The salt was to aid in bruising the seeds with mortar and pestle.


potato breakfast

Onions and chili peppers were added and sautéed.

potato breakfast

Next, the precooked potatoes went into the skillet, shortly followed by precooked sweet potato greens. Any cooked greens could have been used but I had these, cooked with butter and onion, from yesterday.

potato breakfast

potato breakfast

I let the potatoes and greens remain on the heat, only turning occasionally. A little browning of the potatoes would be a good thing.

potato breakfast

When it was time to serve breakfast I scattered shredded cheese on top followed by chopped cilantro.

potato breakfast

potato breakfast

Meanwhile I had cooked some eggs. I like to start the eggs, as in frying, then add a little water and put a lid on it. That way they steam, and sort of poach, and remain tender.

potato breakfast

I wanted to title this post, “The Last Supper Breakfast,” but evidently this format doesn’t allow words to be crossed out in titles.

potato breakfast



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