Grilled Eggplant With Spinach & Onion

It was an interesting day for culinary adventures. I will only mention this one, as the other two require further development.

I’m a fairly recent convert to more than a reluctant tolerance of eggplant. As a kid I hated them. Then as an adult I tolerated them, however, I have alway loved eggplant parmesan… but cheese can do that, you know. Now I actually give them a second look and a feel in the grocery store and occasionally even purchase one or two.

I have grown eggplant over the years, mostly for looks and because Faye likes them. I brought a few small ones in from the garden for today’s midday meal. That says a lot since this is a meal I am eating by myself.

grilled eggplant

I made a few cuts lengthwise on each of these slender aubergines and, using a basting brush, brushed into the slits and over the surfaces a spice paste I had prepared which consisted of:

  • cumin powder
  • coriander powder
  • green mango powder (amchur)
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • turmeric
  • red chili powder
  • black salt
  • mustard oil
  • water

There was just enough room in my little George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine® for all of the aubergines.

grilled eggplant

While the eggplant was grilling I mixed the remaining spice paste with chopped onion and sautéed the onion in a skillet with a little olive oil.

grilled eggplant

To the sautéed spiced onion I added chopped spinach and continued to sauté.

grilled eggplant

When the eggplant was perfectly grilled I served (myself) the grilled eggplant topped with sautéed spinach and onions. It was good!

grilled eggplant (11).jpg


11 thoughts on “Grilled Eggplant With Spinach & Onion

    1. I know you don’t eat eat aubergines because they are in the nightshade family. That reminds me of when I was young and living in the desert wilderness. I was down from the mountain and shopping the reduced in price items rack in the produce department. I picked up an eggplant, and an older man with long white hair said, “Don’t eat that. Too much acid.” I will never forget that.

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      1. That’s interesting. I actually love aubergines but since I developed that horrible skin condition I gave them up. I always suspected potatoes, peppers and tomatoes didn’t do me much good but I I was sorry not to be able to have aubergines again. Ratatouille was one of my favourite meals. It hasn’t been too difficult to give them up though as my husband never liked them.

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  1. Does the George Foreman grill do better with eggplant than the Oven Central? What benefit is there from the raised grills? I have a cast iron one, but seldom use it because I haven’t found any benefit to do so.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. The only advantage of the George Foreman Grill is that It leaves grill marks on both sides. Otherwise they give the same results with top and bottom heat. Using the GF grill once in awhile eases my conscience of purchasing a seldom used appliance!

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