Steamed Guacamole& Eggs

Steamed guacamole and eggs is one of my favorite dishes. The first time I made it over a week ago Faye was away in Arizona. I made it again this morning so she could experience it.

This dish is simple to make yet is so tasty and impressive. It consists of an avocado, a jalapeño, a little cilantro, a bit of sweet onion, a few leaves of fresh spinach, the juice of a lime, two eggs, salt and a little water.

All the ingredients were blended until smooth, pushed through a strainer into a bowl and then steamed. The water in the steamer boiled rapidly for three minutes, then the heat was turned off and the steamer left to sit with the lid on until it was time to eat (about 15 minutes).

This dish would go well with breakfast or any meal.

steamed avocado and eggs


6 thoughts on “Steamed Guacamole& Eggs

  1. My reply disappeared – must have done something wrong. Starting over.

    Do you use the buttery Hass avocados, or the more watery “Florida”-type avocados? We have only the Hass out here, but I grew up in Florida, so was more familiar with the larger, watery type. They did not seem to lend themselves to this sort of thing – too “squeaky”. It doesn’t seem to be the season right now for avocados here, but will definitely try this as it has all our favorite things.

    Guacamole is good with hummus, as is fresh salsa. Both make a good snack for us to nibble on while I make lunch.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < — note to self: start a load of garbanzos!

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      1. I haven’t tried JUST avocado – always guacamole. Seems like plain hummus and plain avocado would be too bland. Need something punchy in there to tantalize.
        I’ve been making a good red pepper salsa using one part jarred red peppers to one part gardinaire veggies with added Montreal Steak Seasoning and Italian herbs. Haven’t tried that with the hummus yet, though. Have put in just plain, home-roasted red peppers, but they didn’t liven it up much. Too mild.
        I can see I have experimenting to do today. Will take my mind off the election results. GAH!

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