Fermented Jalapeño Hot Sauce (second phase)

16 days ago I began fermenting a batch of jalapeño hot sauce. I intended to allow it to ferment for a full month but got impatient and decided two weeks of fermentation is plenty.

jalapeño hot sauce

Typically a bit of harmless white mold will form on the surface of the mash. This time there was none whatsoever. I skimmed about a half inch of mash off the top anyway, then wiped down the rim and sides of the vessel above the level of the mash with a paper towel dampened with alcohol to ensure it was reasonably clean and bacteria free.

I then dumped the fermented mash into a colander lined with a clean muslin cloth.

jalapeño hot sauce

I gathered up the cloth over the mash and squeezed out as much fluid as I could.

jalapeño hot sauce

jalapeño hot sauce

To give the hot sauce some body I added and blended in xanthan gum until it was the desired thickness. It ended up being about a rounded teaspoonful of xanthan gum.

jalapeño hot sauce

For cleanliness all utensils used had their turn in the simmering water bath. The finished hot sauce was funneled into sterilized glass bottles which were then stored in the refrigerator.

jalapeño hot sauce

jalapeño hot sauce

This hot sauce is uncooked, so the lactobacillus bacteria which caused the fermentation remains alive, making this a probiotic sauce beneficial to gut health.

After filling the bottles there was just enough hot sauce left for a proper tasting (obviously it had already passed the visual and olfactory tests or it wouldn’t have been taken this far).

This is a great tasting hot sauce comparable to Tabasco® Brand Green Pepper Sauce. Mine is slightly less tart than theirs because I didn’t use vinegar. That would likely destroy the beneficial bacteria. This stuff keeps for a very long time (years) in the refrigerator. In the past I have bottled this hot sauce for pantry storage by using a hot water bath. The flavor is preserved however the probiotic benefits are lost.

jalapeño hot sauce


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