Bean Sprouts & Mushrooms Omelet With Gravy

This is a breakfast dish I keep going back to. It is in a similar vein as Egg Fu Yung except mine is vegetarian. I don’t have a recipe so I go about it differently each time I make it.

First the gravy: I made a broth using water and a homemade “chicken” seasoning which consists of various herbs, salt and nutritional yeast. To the broth I added a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and soy sauce to taste. As the broth was heating I whisked in a slurry of cornstarch and water, and brought it to a simmer until it thickened.

For the eggs: I dry sautéed thinly sliced mushrooms until they dried in the pan, then I added toasted sesame oil and chopped onions. Meanwhile I had beaten the eggs, to which I had added a little of the “chicken” seasoning, turmeric, soy sauce, a few drops of toasted sesame oil and some moong bean sprouts.

When the onions had softened I added them and the mushrooms into the egg mixture and gave the skillet a quick rinse under cold water and wiped it dry with a paper towel. I then applied nonstick cooking spray and a little toasted sesame oil to the pan and poured in the egg mixture.

egg fu yung

When making an omelet I like to cover the pan to keep the heat in so it cooks faster and more evenly. If there isn’t a lid that fits I might even use a paper plate, especially if there is one that has already been used in other aspects of the preparation.

I confess, I use paper plates a lot for food prep, sometimes even as a quick, quick, limited use cutting board. So, call me a “tree killer.” I’ve planted more than a few trees in my time too. I would point out that I’m also saving on (dish)water, another valuable resource. But hey, I don’t have to explain myself!

egg fu yung

To assist in flipping the omelet I slid it out of the pan onto the paper plate (which had already been used to slice the mushroom and chop the onion) and inverted it back into the skillet.

This is one of my favorite egg dishes.

Oh, by the way, I put the kitchen scraps on the paper plate and put them in the compost, plate and all. So there!

egg fu yung (2).jpg


2 thoughts on “Bean Sprouts & Mushrooms Omelet With Gravy

  1. It’s always a toss up in the motorhome: paper products vs. water usage. Home, too, but especially when water source is exceedingly limited. Multi use of the paper plate is a bonus. I figure they are about a penny each, and if I have to drive somewhere to refill the water tank, that has a cost attendant to it, plus the gas fumes that are put into the air. Composting it is a plus! ;-> I bought a pack of 100 of the very thin ones a few years ago, and still have most of them. For dry-ish type of meals in the motorhome, I use a cupcake-style coffee filter, on a regular plate for stability, which cuts down on the dishwashing considerably.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I know what it’s like having to ration water usage. We used to live on a dry mountainside in the desert and our only source of water was a creek 1500 feet below. It had to be carried back up in a backpack. You learn to make a little water go a long way. In a situation like that priorities become very clear and may differ from what they might be in a “normal” situation.


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