Pecan Flavor Extract

We will be going to the city tomorrow to learn what we are confident will be the excellent results of last week’s CT scan. There won’t likely be time to write a post, so I’ll go ahead and mention a small project I began this morning. I’ve been so pleased with my hickory nut extract mentioned here, here and here, that I decided to make a pecan flavor extract.

It was a simple matter of chopping and dry roasting the pecans and putting them in a jar with 100 proof (or higher) vodka where they will steep for an indefinite period of time. The alcohol took on the color and aroma of the pecans almost immediately and will become more and more intense as time passes. It will become usable as a flavoring after steeping for about a month.

pecan extract

pecan extract

While pecan flavoring may be available on the market I’m certain that homemade is exponentially cheaper. As the extract is used more alcohol can be added to the jar, increasing the yield. The pecans can be used in recipes as well as the extract.

Pecan flavoring would go so well in so many things: syrups, glazes, cakes, pies, ice cream, all kinds of desserts. I could even see it used in savory rice dishes and vegetarian nut loaves.


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