Indulgent Breakfast / Health Lunch

The jury is still out on whether the addition of a dab of mayonnaise to eggs elevates them to a level of heavenly bliss or if it relegates them to the depths of decadence. (Methinks they may be one and the same). Meanwhile I will try to keep that indulgence to a minimum and maintain some sort of balance in my dietary habits. And don’t get me wrong, my dietary choices are not morality driven.

Here I halved some precooked baby potatoes and placed them cut side down in a skillet greased with olive oil. Other than shaking the pan occasionally to make sure they were not sticking I left them undisturbed without turning.

eggs and baby potatoes

When the cut side of the potatoes were well browned I added eggs beaten with a dollop of olive oil mayonnaise and salt.

eggs and baby potatoes

Even though they were covered with a lid the eggs were slow to firm up on top so I slid them into the oven to complete the cooking.

I served the eggs and potatoes with the prettiest side facing up.

eggs and baby potatoes

I find that after small indulgences I naturally crave healthier foods. Salad without cheese and with a low fat miso dressing fits the bill.




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