Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese

I really stepped outside my comfort zone. I am in no way a pastry maker. Most of my few attempts at anything resembling a pastry involved store-bought pre-made pastry dough. Today I made my own dough with whole wheat pastry flour (and real butter), but this post is more about the filling. I sautéed sliced … More Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese

Breakfast Tacos

These breakfast tacos are whole wheat tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and skillet potatoes prepared with nopalitos. Ingredients for the skillet potatoes were: cumin seeds onion pickled nopalitos (cactus) potatoes jalapeños * kosher salt oil for sautéing Cumin seeds, onion and jalapeño were sautéed in a combination of olive and canola oils. Potatoes precooked in … More Breakfast Tacos

Red Beans & Brown Rice Make A Tasty Burrito

Today was leftovers day. I realize the thought of someone else’s leftovers may not always be the most appealing, but having been intimately involved in every aspect of the food’s preparation and history I eagerly anticipated it. The fact is, some dishes develop the best flavor by spending the night in the refrigerator. The red … More Red Beans & Brown Rice Make A Tasty Burrito

Baked Aubergine

When I was young eggplant was one of my least favorite vegetables, in fact I pretty much despised it. In recent times I have developed a liking for it. Today I made an eggplant dish that happened to be vegan and it was truly delicious. It was a roasted eggplant with a cashew nut topping … More Baked Aubergine

Roasted Corn Salad

I can hardly wait to dig in to this salad: roasted corn black olives brine marinated artichokes cherry tomatoes curly and flat leaf parsley orange bell pepper jalapeño pepper red bell pepper green olives stuffed with jalapeño and garlic red onion green onion wild winter cress capers fresh mozzarella