Friday Night Pizza!

There was a time when (for I won’t tell you how many decades) Friday night was without fail pizza night. Then suddenly we were burned out on pizza and it rarely crossed our minds… until a snow storm was predicted in the South where snow storms are not so common.

Without forethought, as if something else was controlling my actions, almost zombielike I went to the freezer and yanked out a couple of whole grain pizza crusts. They were thoughtful enough to include in the package a plastic bag in which to store the second crust.


Fortunately a shred of my dietary values kicked in and I chose some relatively healthy toppings for the pizza. I cut up some fresh vegetables and spread goat cheese onto the crust.




I sautéed the vegetables until they were soft and topped the pizza with them.


pizzapizza (5).jpg

After a few minutes in the hot oven the pizza was done.


Faye had two pieces and I know I had at least two. There is only one piece left, and for the life of me I don’t know who ate the rest of them…


Around here pizza is eaten off of paper plates.



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