Hanging out by the fire on a cold winter day I got a hankering for Indian food. Of course that is a frequent occurrence regardless the time of year or the weather. My specific craving was for Uttappam, which is a savory pancake often eaten for breakfast in South Indian households. It is a healthy dish (gluten free for those concerned about that) made with rice and legumes and usually topped with chopped vegetables. It is genius, really. It’s like a cross between a pizza and a pancake.

I took a shortcut and used a mix for my uttapam (no shame in that). Typically finely chopped vegetables are lightly sprinkled on top of the pancake immediately after the batter is poured and spread in the pan. I usually choose to mix my veggies right into the batter. That way I can cram in a lot more goodness.

uttappam & drumstick sambar

For the veggies in this uttappam I used jalapeño, red onion, carrot, red cabbage, red bell pepper and cilantro (not pictured because I almost forgot it).

uttappam & drumstick sambar

uttappam & drumstick sambar

uttappam & sambar

uttappam & drumstick sambar

uttappam & drumstick sambar

Uttappam is often accompanied by sambar, which is a spicy dal soup. This was an opportunity to use some of the frozen drumsticks I acquired some time back. I won’t go into detail about the sambar I put together other than post a few photos and mention that I used a few spices of my own choosing and also a sambar powder mix for seasoning.

uttappam & drumstick sambar

This meal temporarily satisfied my constant craving for Indian food.

uttappam & drumstick sambar


7 thoughts on “Uttappam

  1. Mix or otherwise, I just love Uttapam! It is a frequent breakfast option for me and is so convenient. Carbs, proteins and fibre in a single meal means I keep making it! 😀

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