Veggie Fajita Tacos

If I was served this healthy Tex-Mex dish at a restaurant I would go back and order it again and again. It was that good.

The red, yellow and orange bell peppers were chopped chunky style as was the jalapeño, red and white onions and mushrooms. The cauliflower and broccoli were cut into tiny florets. The garlic clove was given a medium chop and the green chili was slit open and some of the seeds rinsed out.

fajita taco

The vegetables were pan roasted (stirring occasionally) at medium hight heat with a combination of canola, coconut and toasted sesame oils.

fajita taco

After pan roasting for several minutes the vegetables were covered with a lid as they continued cooking. They were stirred only occasionally. Kosher salt, cumin, chili powder (chili peppers, cumin, oregano), smoked paprika and a few drops of liquid smoke were added for seasoning.

fajita taco

The vegetables were placed in a folded whole wheat tortilla which was then toasted in a dry hot skillet without oil.

The absolute best hot sauce to use with these veggie tacos (well, other than my own home fermented sauces) is Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero Black Hot Sauce by El Yucateco. The flavor of charred habaneros adds to the smoky flavors of toasted sesame oil, smoked paprika and liquid smoke.

fajita taco

fajita taco

fajita taco

fajita taco

hot sauce


9 thoughts on “Veggie Fajita Tacos

    1. The stuff is indeed hot, and just a drop goes a long way, but the smoky flavor is fabulous. We first experienced it at Cantina 1511 and promptly ordered a few bottles (probably on Amazon). I love spicy food but am not a glutton for punishment. I use this stuff with extreme moderation. A few drops into the entire dish might have been a better way to administer it rather than attempt to dispense a minuscule quantity directly onto the plate from a bottle that doesn’t have a shrink band flow constrictor.

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