Curry Leaf Bread

I don’t usually eat much if anything for supper. If I do it is just a few nuts early in the evening. Well, last night Faye made this fabulous Curry Leaf Bread by Monica Bhide of Modern Spice. I won’t publish the recipe she used here but you can find it at the above link. Rather than clip fresh curry leaves off our curry leaf plants she used some of the curry leaf paste I made recently. Other spices used in the recipe are turmeric and crushed cumin seeds.

curry leaf bread

The bread looked and smelled incredible, and by the time it had cooled off a bit it was getting later than I would normally eat. Some would call it a sacrilege, but who can resist fresh out of the oven bread still warm enough to melt butter? We succumbed to the temptation and even brought out the butter, which is seldom used anymore, even on toast.

This is a recipe which will be used again and again with possible modifications such as the inclusion of whole grains.

curry leaf bread

curry leaf bread


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