Beet Greens Enchiladas

A recent post by My Lighthearted Kitchen inspired me to try making some fermented pickled beets, so yesterday I purchased a few beets. They had nice leafy tops which I cooked up the same evening. This morning I started a batch of beets fermenting and then used the cooked beet greens to make enchiladas for our midday meal. There will be another post about the pickled beets in about a week and a half, providing the fermentation project is successful. Today’s post is about the enchiladas.

beet greens enchiladas

beet greens enchiladas

I decided to use brown rice tortillas for the enchiladas and Hatch chilis, which I had previously roasted and frozen, for a homemade green enchilada sauce.

brown rice tortillas

hatch chiles

When I went to retrieve the frozen roasted Hatch chilis from the freezer I noticed there was also some homemade tomatillo sauce which I had frozen back in August. Perfect!

beet greens enchiladas

I heated the tomatillo sauce and Hatch chilis in a sauce pan and added a couple heaping teaspoons of homemade green molé powder. I posted about the molé powder and tomatillo sauce here.

beet greens enchiladas

beet greens enchiladas

Brown rice tortillas are extremely fragile and difficult to work with. I placed them, one at a time, between wet paper towels and zapped them in the microwave oven for 30 seconds in an attempt to limber them up. It helped a little, but I now think dipping them briefly in warm water as one would rice paper would be more effective.

The chopped cooked beet greens were rolled up in the brown rice tortillas and placed in a baking dish on a shallow layer of enchilada sauce.

beet greens enchiladas

beet greens enchiladas

The rest of the sauce was poured over the enchiladas. Against my better judgment but in full accordance with my desires, shredded Mexican melting cheese was sprinkled scattered generously loaded on top.

beet greens enchiladas

beet greens enchiladas

After a spell in the 400ºF oven everything was well heated and the cheese melted. The beet greens enchiladas were ready to eat.

beet greens enchiladas


5 thoughts on “Beet Greens Enchiladas

  1. It is always nice to find that perfect sauce frozen in the freezer, right? I have some chipotle sauce frozen too….comes in handy.
    Did the brown rice tortillas taste good? Do they have a lot of additives?


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