Leftover Noodles For One

Faye had some take home carnitas to finish up from a recent restaurant visit so for  my lunch I made use of leftover brown rice noodles to put together a salad. I am not posting this as some fabulous recipe I recommend you try, although it was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is simply an account of today’s events and an example of how my twisted culinary mind works.

Before consuming previously cooked food I like to thoroughly reheat it whether it will be eaten hot or cold, so I zapped the leftover brown rice noodles for 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave.

leftover noodles

I am still consciously taking advantage of the ripe avocados in the refrigerator, so that was an obvious ingredient choice. I deliberately added them first instead of last, fully aware that in the process of combining ingredients they would break down somewhat and possibly cause the dish to look unattractive. Since I alone would be the one eating this I wasn’t so much concerned with esthetics.

leftover noodles

leftover noodles

Another inevitable ingredient was my recently prepared nopalitos including some of the onion and garlic in the jar.
leftover noodles

Black olives and brined artichokes are some of my favorite things.

leftover noodles

leftover noodles

Cherry tomatoes, capers and sun-dried tomatoes ensured that each bite would offer a burst of flavor.
leftover noodles


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